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This is the cheapest I think and it is so easy to top up up. We forgot and lost 14 days.

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After a re-visit to the shop and some raised voices I got a month FREE We originally took the computer in as well they did all the down loading foc.. How does the yearly contract work i. I understood that the yearly contracts are effectively just two month contracts which can be suspended. I pay mine with credit card, so easy to cancel. Vodafone, but will need to raise that amount, because it wont allow skype, maybe have to pay 50 for skype. Even then I only used 3. Anyone will be hard-pressed to exceed 5Gb in a month. It is increasingly difficult to get the contract - they prefer people with a permanaent address and on PAYE.

Cuts out most yotties. Do you know if these people have a shop in Corfu I could visit? Please make sure you bring at the shop with you: The SIM card of your connection pack and Your identity card or your passport" This is from the Cosmote website so looks like you should be able to get this deal in Corfu. Will be interested to hear how you get on, as it looks as though it would suit us.

So you buy the dongle and sim online, then go and get it registered at one of these places, I guess? I took it that you buy the sim and dongle at the shop and they will register it. On further exploration of their site, I see that they have a Point of Sale search option which throws up 13 places in Corfu that sell their packages. Perfect, once I get home, I'll investigate. Thanks for the help. Regarding your request we would like to inform you that Cosmote Internet On The Go is available on 12 or month contracts depends on the rate plan and Cosmote Internet On The Go Me Karta which is a pay as you go connection.

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If you will be in Greece for a specific period of time the best solution for you it may be the Internet On The Go me Karta connection. For any further information do not hesitate contact us again. Sorry to drag up an old post. The latest information I have last week is that Cosmote do not offer this service anymore. I have just been to the Germanos shop and got a dongle, 20 euro a month for 1 gig, this is because my free wifi is unreliable.

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I did not have to pay anything, it is a twelve month contract, if you cancel before the twelve months is up you only pay 40 euros for tha dongle, thats it. Thank you both, It does look like the contact is the way forward, but as we will be on the move with no address this could be the next hurdle. We have been in the Ionian. Forget Wind which, as also in Italy, has poor coverage. Vodaphone coverage not much better so as usual the national incumbent, Cosmote, has the best connectivity.

Also, on PAYG, Voda only gives u 1 mega for its 20 day pack whilst Cosmo gives u 2-that's if you can find a 20 day card. All the Voda agents won't stock it and swear it does'nt exist. It does but is so rare you are best charging up your phone and then u can recharge the internet SIM online by debiting your Vodaphone mobile balance.

Bottom line, we had Vodaphone and regretted not getting Cosmote.


We have just bought the new Cosmote Internet on the go dongle prepaid package. There is a shop just outside Gouvia marina about m up the dual carriageway past the blue hospital. There is also a shop in Prevesa town. The dongle and 20 euro credit cost 50 euro - passport required.

Pay and additional 20 euro at the time and you get 62 euro credit. You can buy top ups from their shops or supermarkets and add them in on line. If you but from their shops you get Brucie bonuses!!. You do not have to use it continuously but if not used for 12 months it dies. I understand that Cosmote is the Greek equivalent of BT!!!!! Hope it helps Jim. You do not have to use it continuously but if not used for 12 months it dies It's actually 13 months. After 12 months your credit expires and you can't use the phone.

You have a one month grace period during which you can top it up and keep the SIM. The same is true for Wind GR. Just an update.

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We went into 3 Cosmote outlets in Corfu Town today including their main shop, in all of them you had to queue for ages to be told "sold out and we don't know when we will have more" So second best, off to Wind What a complete waste of a day. Carmel you are in Greece,the country is a basket case what did you expect,hope you managed to get a taxi!

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The app doesn't contain any channels, you need to add Playlists in Settings for this.

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